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Pressi Frames

Pressi Frames

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Simple, easy & beautiful!

Ideal for use with our name posters, photos, fabric or other prints. Pressi frames can be used with paper stock up to 600gsm & are simple to use with no magnets or special tools needed. 

The artwork is simply clamped in each timber bar using a soft cotton cord, securely holding your artwork. It is easy to use & reusable, which means you can change your artwork as often as you like!


  • A4: 22cm wide - suits A4 portrait, A5 landscape, 8"-8.5" wide artwork.
  • A3: 30cm wide - suits A3 portrait, A4 landscape, or 11" wide artwork.

(Tip - choose to suit the width of your artwork, the length can be anything.)


  • Hidden: Hang from the 'keyhole' slot in the top timber bar onto a screw/nail/hook (not supplied) in your wall.
  • Hanging cord (an add on): Love the cotton cord triangle look? Add it on and hang from, well, anything!


  • PINE: a lovely, pale coloured timber sourced from a sustainable plantation in Queensland.
  • BLONDE HARDWOOD: a warm light coloured timber with yellow & pink tones. Sourced from recycled Australian timber. Each frame is has unique marking & is full of character. 
  • BRUNETTE HARDWOOD: a darker timber ranging from a pale to rich chocolate colour. Sourced from recycled Australian timber, both hardwood options are made out of reclaimed projects such old homes or bridges.


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