Let me introduce myself..

Hi, I'm Tammy! 
Boy mum & owner of Haus of Sketch & Design.

I’ve always had a passion for creating & was luckily encouraged to pursue a path in arts growing up. I studied Visual arts back in 2006, where I fell in love with drawing & oil painting. It was the most incredible 2 years spent in the studio simply making art. 

After a brief break from arts, I started studying graphic design part time while working full time. Once qualified I continued on at my workplace, incorporating design into my role which eventually lead to a role solely as a graphic designer.

After having my second son (mid pandemic), I made the decision to leave my job of 10 years to focus on our family. A decision strongly supported by my amazing husband & one that I am eternally grateful to have made.

Incorporating my background of visual arts & graphic  design, I began creating digital illustrations (usually very late at night) around the time my youngest turned two. After much encouragement from family & friends I made the plunge to start my own design business, a decision love overdue.

And so.. Haus of Sketch & Design was born! Paying homage to my Austrian heritage by including a Edelweiss in my logo. An incredible flower with a lot of meaning!

I’m so excited to be back creating designs that I enjoy, in a way that works with our family. I’m always happy to chat about your custom design needs so feel free to send an email or message!

Tam ✨